Don’t think you can afford solid wood furniture?


For those who are thinking of buying new furniture for your household but are on a budget may only turn to flatpack from Ikia. This might seem like the obvious solution to cheap furniture but you may not be getting the value and quality for your money. Often branded furniture regardless of where it comes from will always be more expensive than the non-branded alternative.

So if you consider getting furniture made by an independent producer you will find that you can get quality products made for less than you think. This is because when you get something made by an independent producer you are paying for the work done and the materials used without the added brand value.

Aspect pine can give you bespoke, hand made solid wood furniture that will cost you less than you might expect for such high quality products. We employ trained and experienced craftsmen to make  made-to-measure furniture for your home, be it for your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

We make our products out of sustainable woods such as Pine and Tulip that are generally less expensive than other wood varieties, and we can pass these savings in materials to you. I this way you will get a quality hand made product that will last and will make a beautiful addition to the style of your home.

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