It’s wood but not as we know it. How finishes can drastically change the appearance and style of wood furniture.

wooden kitchen

wooden kitchen

Pine wood doesn’t have to look like pine wood. How original finishes can change the look of furniture to create eye opening pieces of master craftsmanship.

For anyone that has bought wooden furniture will have found the vast amount of different looks and finishes available quite surprising and choosing which is the right one a task. Many wood finishes are intended for a particular function dependant on what use the item of furniture is to be used for but can also determine the finished look of the furniture – bringing out the beauty of the wood itself.

 Traditional finishes that are still in use today focus more on protecting the wood and extending its durability. These can found with the use of either waxes, oils, varnishes and lacquers that coat the wood and ingrain into the wood fibres creating a lasting and durable finish. Typically these finishes keep and in most cases promote the look of the wood grain so that the material still looks like and has the colour the wood it was made from. The differences between these finishes are really to do with the hardness and overall quality of the surfaces with each having there own benefits and drawbacks.

 Newer styles and finishes that are in fashion are paint based and can create a completely different look to furniture. If carried throughout a room can make quite an original statement. What is different between these styles and the more traditional ones is that the emphasis is not on the wood texture but on subtle colours and variations in tone. The more fashionable finishes are solid colour ones that are predominantly mat or satin in appearance. The colours themselves are quite subdued and mainly use the pastel hues creating an understated yet deliberate washed out look. The eggshell appearance is often used to create a mat yet rougher texture to surfaces where flat colour is not desired. Another style is the mat base with a chalk finish – which is change in texture especially if you are used to seeing gloss and satin paints – you might find yourself touching the surface half expecting it to rub off with your fingertips.

 Usually you would find these kinds of finishes on furniture such as tables and chairs in kitchens but you can have the units, drawers and cupboards made the same way too. You will find that these styles can use to all kinds of wood furniture and can be used throughout the household, with bedroom furniture being another popular use in this instance.

 With the trends in painted styles being as popular as they are it means that furniture made of solid wood can become cheaper. This is because the type of wood used in the construction could be one that is not as hard or expensive and with it being painted in flat colours, the colour and grain of the wood is not the feature. So in this way you can have furniture made of Pine or Tulip that are the more sustainable woods rather than Oak and Mahogany. So the next time you are looking for new wooden furniture you can know that it doesn’t need to look like wood for a stylish addition to your home.

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